What is the difference between vitamix v1200 vs e320?

We discovered that the Ascent device outperformed the Venturist. Today I’d like us to continue that discussion and compare the Vitamix v1200 vs E320 to see how they stack up.

If you remember, all full size Vitamix machines have the same blending power. So the difference between the two is in aesthetics and some other features.

However, the Venturist v1200 takes the lead here in my opinion as it has some amazing features that are not in the Explorian series. Here’s a brief description of them before we dive into the full comparison.

5 reasons why the Vitamix v1200 is the best:

  1. The Vitamix v1200 has advanced self-sensing technology that allows for the attachment of smaller containers – 20oz and 8oz, without a bulky adapter
  2. The Vitamix v1200 includes built-in wireless technology that you can use to send up to 17 automatic blending programs.
  3. The Vitamix v1200 features an adjustable digital timer to help you ensure perfect blending without over or under processing
  4. The Vitamix v1200 has a smoother and sleeker style thanks to subtle touches from different blender models.
  5. Last but not least, the Venturist has a completely transparent container including a lid and a handle. During the work,you will notice that the mixture is much more visible than when using the Vitamix container with the black lid.

About the Vitamix v1200:

If you remember from our earlier comparison of the Vitamix v1200 and A3500, I said that the Vitamix was largely produced by Venturist for Costco.

However, you can also get the blender from other major providers, including Amazon and the official Vitamix website. The Vitamix v1200 is for those with a taste for sophisticated technology thanks to its wireless connection. But the blender has all the physical buttons, including countdown controls. So it may still suffice your desires if you like a classic touch in the mix.

vitamix v1200

About the Vitamix E320:

The Explorian line of high-end blenders could provide the solutions you’re looking for if you’ve always wanted one from Vitamix.

The Ohio manufacturer introduced it as a range of two variants, all affordable and with only the essential mixing elements.

As I noted last time in the E320 vs 5200 reviews, the Explorian arrived a few months after the space-age Vitamix Ascent. However, the engineers did not include any new elements except for the sweet curves on the sides. Regardless, the Explorean E320 has a large 64-ounce container that solves the storage problem experienced by owners of classic tall glasses.

More on that, let’s compare with what Venturist has so you can make the best buying decision. After all, that’s the only purpose of this write-up, because neither of us want you to pay for something you don’t need.

vitamix e320

Which blender looks better?

When two mixers are on the same table, you can easily tell at a glance that they are from different sets. Yes, the design of the container is partially similar, but the rest of the features are completely different.

First, the Vitamix v1200 motor base combines some elements of the Legacy and others from the Ascent line of blenders. Its front panel is similar to the G series models, but with a timer built in above the speed dial. The back is like the Ascent models where the vents are on the sides instead.

In general, the Venturist looks more elegant in the kitchen than any of the Explorian blenders. In this case, however, the Vitamix E320 has curved slopes on the sides, which the manufacturer borrowed from the Ascent series. The breathing spaces of the machine are all around the sides, just like the previous classic C series.

Ps. Both the Vitamix v1200 and E320 come with standard color coatings. Neither option has the premium metal finishes of the Vitamix A3500 or Pro 750 G-series.

How powerful is the engine?

This is a win for both machines as they have a newly designed 64oz container as the default container. The container that first came with the Vitamix 750 has longer “4-inch” blades on the belly. That’s why all of its blenders come with a 2.2 horsepower motor (instead of 2.0 horsepower) because the cutters need more power to turn.

Regardless, for Vitamix, all full-size blenders provide the same blend quality, whether it’s 2.0 or 2.2 horsepower.

Anyway, back to our comparison, both the Vitamix E320 and V1200 have multiple speed settings, which is very important when preparing different textures. The speed control knob counts fully to “10” and has a soft start. So the machines will always start at top speed, instead of immediately going to the maximum like the famous classic 5200.

Can you mix small amounts?

If you have a large family to blend for, both the Vitamix v1200 and e320 have the profile for the task. As mentioned, the blenders have a 64 oz jug, which equates to 6-7 cups of smoothies. The bowls also have a low-profile style that is shorter and wider than the 5200’s blender bowl. So these two machines struggle to handle 2 cups or less.

Fortunately, the Vitamix v1200 has self-sensing technology that allows the motor base to accommodate different sized containers. The machine has NFC technology that adjusts the mixing options according to the mounted container. So you can use even 20oz cups or 8oz bowls without needing a bulky personal adapter.

Even better, the Venturist can work with the latest Vitamix food processor attachment. Thanks to this, you can get more involved in your culinary adventures.

Sadly, Explorian blenders don’t have built-in NFC tags. So if you want to use disposable cups, you must have an adapter. If that’s not possible, you’ll need a 32-ounce Vitamix container to blend smaller batches.

It’s worth noting that the low-profile, 64-ounce glass is better at chopping than narrower, classic containers. That’s both the tall 64-oz container for the Vitamix 5200 and the 48-oz container with the Vitamix E310.

Will the blender fit in my kitchen cabinet?

Fortunately, both Vitamix machines have a short 64-ounce container. So both fit comfortably under a standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet while the pan is secured to the base.

But if you’re going for the smart tech on the Venturist v1200, there’s a catch. The blender comes with several additional accessories, including a 20-oz cup, an 8-oz bowl, a pestle holder, and a scraper under the blade. So you will need to create additional space to keep everything in place.

Meanwhile, the Vitamix E320 has base dimensions of approximately 11 x 8 inches, while the Venturist measures 10.5 x 8 inches. So both machines take up quite similar counter space when working.

Ease of use?

Technically, all Vitamix blenders are high performance and easy to work with. If it’s our two cousins, they both have a powerful motor and hardened aircraft-grade blades that can eat through any food material you put in.

If it is fruit, you can add half of it without having to cut it further. Then you don’t have to cut leafy vegetables and solid vegetables like carrots, because the blender can handle it all by itself.

In addition, Vitamix full-size blenders use a fixed blade assembly. So the preparation will not take your time like with the Ninja Total shredders, which have removable blades.

Do you need automatic mixing?

If the answer is yes, unfortunately the Vitamix E320 is not the blender you need. It only supports manual blending with the supplied physical controls.

Similarly, the Venturist series does not have pre-set smart programs, but you can activate them using the built-in wireless connection. All you need is the Vitamix app on your smartphone/tablet and you can send up to 17 different programs wirelessly.

In addition, the Vitamix v1200 has an adjustable countdown timer where you can enter the minutes and seconds when your recipe is likely to finish blending. The blender automatically shuts off when the countdown is complete, providing the convenience of walking without relying on preset programs.

Price and warranty

So far, the Vitamix Explorian is the most affordable blender from the manufacturer. It is true that the price is still high compared to regular mixers, but you can take $50-100 and not even from a refurbished part.

In the end, the Venturist is a bit pricey considering the Bluetooth wireless connectivity and self-detection technology. In addition, the blender comes with four additional accessories in one package, allowing you to try all the functions immediately.

The Vitamix v1200 and E320 both come with extensive warranties that can last up to 10 years and 7 years, respectively.

The great thing is that this warranty not only covers the product, but also the return shipping charges that may be involved.

vitamix v1200 vs e320

Which of the Vitamix v1200 and E320 is the best buy?

In truth, I can’t outright state here that blender A is better than blender B, as we all have unique needs and preferences. If you’re looking for more power and a machine that can see you through the years, the Vitamix v1200 or E320 is fine. Both give you sweet, silky smoothies, and you can make hot soups straight from the blender jar.

However, investing in a Vitamix v1200 proves to be more beneficial if you have the right budget at hand. Not just for the smart features and extra accessories it comes with, but also because it’s one of the few that holds the future of mixing. This is pretty obvious with last year’s food processor attachment, which allows you to multitask and do it accurately. That’s not all.

Vitamix said it will continue to provide further updates for the Ascent and Venturist smart creations. Who knows what they will surprise us with next time.

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